Empowering You


This is your time
  • Train to stay strong to do everything you love to do, better.
  • Get Strong. Stay Strong. Improve Cardio.
  • Lift. Jump. Reach. Push. Pull.
  • Keep Moving.
Polli trap bar

We are not meant to stay the same.

Change is inevitable, and it’s an opportunity to examine who we are becoming, what we want for life now and onward.

We aren’t in control of everything, but we are in control of what we are willing to learn and do. Change is happening right now, and change continues for life. We have the opportunity to be strong and prepared for stages in life, Injuries, illness, stress, ups and downs, all of it – if we are willing.

Training for life is beyond exercise modifications or breathing adjustments. We must take into account the evolution of you as an athlete and human. Every woman who uses her body is an athlete. Train the athlete you are. Empower you.

I’ve been through pregnancy, postpartum, perimenopause, menopause and beyond, and I am a better version of an athlete now than I was in my 30s. I can share with you how to stay strong, and even stronger tomorrow than you are today.


MPOWERU Personal Training. In-person or Zoom. Build strength, mobility, power. Single sessions, or discounted packages of 6 or 12.

Please fill out the intake forms prior to the start of the first session.

MPOWER (small group) (2-6 participants) Virtual sessions. Get motivated and build strength and fitness in a fun, challenging workout. 

NUTRITION COACHING Build habits to help you perform and feel your best, with foods you prefer, and a program that fits your lifestyle. Not a diet, strict meal plans, or “food rules”. You’ll learn to make smart choices with uncomplicated nutrition and practices you can follow. Weekly 30-minute virtual check-ins, and direct messaging.


polli bw half kneeling snatch at LF

New Client Intake Forms


Prior to your first session (in-person or virtual) please complete the Health History form and send them to: polli.getupkeepmoving@gmail.com