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One-Handed Thanksgiving

Hello friends, Happy pre-Thanksgiving! We’re moving along with meal prep for the second Thanksgiving, yesterday at my youngest daughter’s and …

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Melissa Clark broccoli soup

The November Cooking Issue: Butternut Squash Risotto, Seared Broccoli Soup, And Spicy African Stew

Hello friends~ Even with the anticipation of the Thanksgiving holiday, I’m just not a big fan of November – onward …

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Polli trap bar

Empower You – Strength Training Through Menopause And Beyond

Hellooo friends~ I’ve been baking sourdough bread during the pandemic. It’s a simple, ancient process. The yeast is activated with …

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Polli seated twist

Strength Training Strengthens The HEART ❤️

Hello friends~ “The fat burning zone” is just so NOT. For the longest time cardio was promoted as the best …

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Polli standing with loaded bar in weight belt

Lift Heavy Sh**

Helloooo~ Seen any good movies lately? You’ve probably noticed that young female actors are often paired with actors 30 years …

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Fail Your Way To Success

Hellooo friends! Did you know that there’s a website called National Today with the months and the days of the …

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Lemony white bean soup

Recipes Of The Month ~ Soup For You.

Hi Friends~ Hope you’re enjoying beautiful weather wherever you are, and trying like me not to think about darkness at …

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Masters Athletes Are Not Geezers

Hey friends~ Are you a masters athlete? You are not over the hill, a geezer, or past your prime. Did …

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dont let perfect be the enemy of good

Rosh Hashanah – Being Ok In The New Year

Hello Friends~ I have a t-shirt that says “Enough Is Never Enough”. And my mantra is “It’s ok Polli”. Opposites, …

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2nd Monday of the Month
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Two Chefs And A Spring Salad

Hello friends~ Welcome to the ThoughtBox Food Issue, always the second Monday of each month! I’ll be sharing recipes, cookbook recommendations, nutrition tips, and more.

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