Strength is Empowering

Women are not small men.

We have specific strength, nutrition, and fitness needs, especially as we age.

  • Study of women has been neglected in science of health and medicine.
  • Research has begun to focus on differences between men and women.
  • Women’s physiological makeup, and hormonal fluctuations, necessitate tailored programming.
  • Responses of women in strength training differ from mens.


Train strength to keep doing everything you love.

Get as strong as you need and want to be.

It’s never too late to start.



Find Your Path.
Find Your Strong.

Giving you the tools to help you find your strong.

Moving our bodies is one of the best ways to stay healthy in mind and body. Resistance and cardio training are essential to carry our bodies around forever. The science of exercise physiology isn’t scary or magic, and it’s a ton of fun when we work together and see results!

Strength training improves metabolism, lowers body fat, and protects from injury. And it’s never too late to get started. 

The Indoor rowing machine is the single best way to develop strength and cardio fitness, and integral to programs at Get Up Keep Moving. For those without access to a rowing machine – let’s go from where you are!

Folks find me by word of mouth or on social media, then when they are ready and willing we connect where they are mentally, emotionally, and physically, so I can validate fears, help to build confidence, and celebrate every success, no matter how incremental.  Strength and health are to a large degree about attitude at the beginning.

We are all athletes if we are using our bodies.

Let’s do this together. Onward!