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I love working with Polli. I recently relocated out of state and was afraid that my time with Polli would have to end. But thanks to technology (Zoom) my sessions with Polli have actually increased. Polli knows her stuff and is committed to making sure I am challenged in a safe and effective manner. The sessions are a combination of strength training and rowing. The hour flies by and I learn something new every session. I am stronger and healthier than I have been in years. 
I recently was on a hike after a rain storm and I was able to negotiate the very slippery, muddy trail. Unfortunately, my fellow hikers were not as lucky.  It was because of my sessions with Polli that  I was able to maintain my balance and avoid falling. If you are looking for a trainer who is committed to your fitness goals Polli is the trainer for you.  – CSR

The first time I met Polli was in a bike shop. I commented on how she looked like a triathlete then we struck up a short conversation. That’s when I found out that she offered 1:1 training and I became a client. She embodies my goal to age with grace and strength. I find her to be inspiring.

Polli is excellent at what she does. The caliber of intuition, care, focus and education that she brings to each session has proven that I made a good choice when I signed up for her training sessions. I needed someone that could help me recover from injuries while also motivating me to keep showing up without a lot of misguided pressure to over perform well above my comfort level. Polli pushes just enough to keep me reaching for goals but also works with the mechanics of my body and mind to deliver a deep understanding of what works for me in a training program that has longevity. Most of all I feel comfortable around her and trust that she has my best interest in mind and knows that long term goals and achievements outweigh short sprints.

If you’re looking for a trainer that is well versed in cross training, TRX, rowing, pilates, and strength training and much more Polli is the trainer you are seeking. – Saije

Polli is a gifted and dedicated athlete who I have had the pleasure of training with for cycling races and rides. As a nationally ranked triathlete, I am grateful for her extensive knowledge of training and recovery techniques. I would recommend her to clients who are looking for a trainer who leads by example and is committed to helping her clients achieve their fitness goals.   – Patricia

I am 74 years old. I have been working out at the gym for many years, using equipment for aerobics and participating in Pilates and yoga classes. I didn’t realize until I started working with Polly the importance of strength and balance training, particularly as I age. Also, I now realize how important it is to use equipment properly and to your best advantage. I have learned to row with the correct form and have become so much stronger due to focusing on targeted areas at each workout. I appreciate the variety of exercises and that no workout is the same. Polly is so knowledgeable of human anatomy and physiology and tailors my sessions to my personal needs. Most of all, working with Polly keeps me motivated to keep moving and be strong for whatever years I have left. Best health decision I’ve made! Maybe I’ll still be rowing at 100 – who knows?   – Nancy

It was now or never. I was 53 and I just didn’t think I could do it—and then I found Polli. She knows more about how the body works than anyone! And she celebrates small victories which helps keep me in the game. It’s made me more appreciative of what my body can do, a good understanding of what it can’t do, and options. I highly recommend Polli! I’ve worked with several trainers over the years. I can honestly say Polli is the most educated and the most invested in your health and progress.  – Lisa

Polli is incredibly knowledgeable, hardworking, and motivating.   Her depth of understanding of the human body, numerous certifications, and learnings based upon personal experience  enable her to train clients safely and with variety.  I began training with Polli after foot issues because I could not rely upon my old exercise routines.  My foot issues have never been an issue in our work together and Polli found a way to give me a good workout without any reliance on the foot. Miraculously, my foot actually seemed to get better as we began working together.  Most importantly, Polli is a kind and loving person who cares deeply about her clients and is passionate about good health.  – Christina

Polli has helped me take my fitness to the next level. She is detail oriented and individualizes, taking the time to not only explain things thoroughly, but also giving me specifics on equipment that will be most beneficial and give the most bang for my buck! ZOOM has not been a problem because Polli is clearly tuned in and attentive, making corrections as needed…She seems to know intuitively how to set a pace that is rigorous but achievable. I look forward to every session and if you hire Polli, I’m quite sure, you will too!  – Michelle

When my 60th birthday came this year, I decided I wanted to go into this decade strong and needed a trainer to guide the way. After watching many online and in-person training videos, I found that Polli’s were authentic and just what I was looking for, someone who understood the aging female physique and how to strengthen it. I reached out via Instagram, and started my sessions soon after. Her training is so helpful to me in understanding what the motions are meant for and how to do them without getting hurt. I also LOVE rowing! I highly recommend Polli to anyone looking to get stronger with a smarter and personalized workout either in person or on Zoom.  – Tracey 

Polli is incredibly motivating, and in a way that empowers me, no pressure whatsoever. It is me deciding that I want to do the work and Polli expertly providing just what I need to keep improving, keep being challenged.  She keeps abreast of the most recent nutrition and fitness science, and she has systematically taught me how to row with proper form, and how to plan and execute my own exercise sessions. She always gives me information in digestible pieces. She is upbeat, cool, and encouraging. I cannot recommend her enough for her skill, patience, knowledge and dedication to her craft.  – Jessica

I’ve been a personal training client of Polli’s since early fall of 2020. I’ve had numerous trainers over the years – she is by far the most knowledgeable, and I really appreciate the focus on functional training, especially since I am, ahem, not getting any younger. Under her guidance, I have purchased and been training on a Concept2 rower – this was likely to quickly become another decoration in my workout room, if not for her expertise and guidance – and ability to keep it fun and interesting. She also practices what she preaches – so she really lives and breathes health and fitness, and is such a great role model. Thank you Polli!  – Andrea  

Thanks so very much for the personal training classes. As you have reinforced with me, strengthening is critical because we need to have our aging bodies working well for balance and activities of daily living. The Zoom platform has been excellent and allowed me to get training even though we live far away from each other. You have been such a great communicator and so encouraging throughout. I am far stronger and healthier today than I was when we began our exercise journey!  – Rosemary

I highly recommend Polli as a personal trainer. She is very energetic, and an awesome motivator. Polli is very knowledgeable on personal training.  – Mike

I recommend Polli as a personal trainer without reservation. She teaches by example and she has extensive knowledge of training and recovery. She clearly enjoys working with her clients and she is fun to work with. I started Pedaling for Parkinson’s weekly with her in June 2019 at the Atlantic Club. I have grown much stronger and I have increased my endurance dramatically. I hope to continue working with her. She is great!  – Bob

If you are in need of a personal trainer who will motivate you so you can be your best self then Polli is the perfect person for you. First of all, just look at Polli because she lives what she teaches! When Polli is not working with clients, she is always seeking to learn additional information about sports nutrition and athletics. She has earned training certificates in: Pilates, Spinning, TRX, Rowing and Personal Training. Being active and eating right is so important for healthy living as we age and Polli has the knowledge to structure a workout plan specifically for the individual who trains with her. If I have any questions or need advice on any area concerning fitness and nutrition I ask Polli and she will have the answer. She is that good!  – Tina

Polli Schildge is absolutely the best personal trainer I have ever worked with. In fact, she is the the only trainer who ever inspired me to stick with a training program longer than 1 or 2 sessions. In spite of being older, overweight, and someone who doesn’t like working out, actually look forward to my sessions with Polli. She doesn’t just “count reps”, she takes the time to get to know you holistically; your lifestyle, your body, your mind, your time schedule and your goals. As one would expect, Polli is in great shape; most personal trainers are . What sets Polli apart is the scope of her knowledge. She is an expert on exercise physiology and fitness, possessing both educational and experiential credentials. Polli takes time to explain how what she is asking you to do advances your fitness goals. She places a strong emphasis on technique and safe use of equipment that is often glossed over by less experienced trainers. Polli makes sure your body is in correct alignment to derive maximum benefit from the exercise being performed. With Polli’s expertise and encouragement, I have seen tangible increase in my strength and endurance in a very short period of time. Polli’s ability to calibrate my workouts to keep me gaining fitness without becoming too tired or too sore to enjoy the challenge is the key to my success. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Polli, her commitment to her profession is exemplary and inspiring.  – Karen

I enthusiastically endorse Polli as a personal trainer.
I have been working with Polli for 4+ years and her commitment to her clients is unbelievable. She makes sure that her clients understand all the movements. Polli also oversees that every activity is being performed in a safe and effective manner.
I had not prioritized fitness for years and Polli started with me at the very basic level. She has been very patient, with my progress while always encouraging and pushing me to work to the next level. At the end of each session I am always amazed at what I accomplished thanks to Polli’s help and encouraging support.
Today, I ‘m more fit than I have ever been and it’s because of Polli’s exceptional understanding of all aspects of training and her total commitment that her clients become healthier and stronger after each and every session.  – Cathy

Polli has been my physical trainer for the last several months. I was always afraid that if I hired a physical trainer I would be pushed to do very challenging work outs and suffer physical injuries. I have always done Yoga, walked, and canoed, but at 75 decided to get a trainer who could help me stay strong. I was hesitant but meeting Polli dispelled my fear. She is immensely knowledgeable about how the physical body works and has a remarkable way of conveying that information by using practical metaphors. I trust her judgment and appreciate her ability to engage in a personal, caring and very professional way to teach, motivate, and encourage growth. I have learned that an effective workout has to include time to recover. I think Polli is an extraordinarily talented and creative person who enjoys her work and practices what she preaches. I feel very lucky to have found her and honored to recommend her to anyone who is looking for a trainer who will consider your needs and help you attain your goals. Polly is exceptional!  – Nydia

For the past few months I have participated in a “Pedaling for Parkinson’s” program at the Red Bank YMCA. Unfortunately it has been put on hold due to the Covid-19 outbreak. It is unfortunate because it is a very good program; to a large extend because of the guidance by our trainer Polli Schildge. My major Parkinson’s symptom is my reduced ability to use my right leg. The biking exercises as designed and supervised by Polli are very helpful. I realize that there are no cures for Parkinson’s Disease but the exercises have noticeably strengthened my leg muscles which has made walking easier and less painful.
Additionally, at the end of he class she takes us thru a series of exercises that benefits our overall posture; and she has made a video of these exercises and mailed these to us.
In summary, I feel fortunate to be a member of the biking class and I give Polli much credit for that.  – Hans

Polli is a fantastic trainer. She really understands the mechanics of rowing and training and excels at communicating these before, during and after a workout. My form has never been better, and as a result I can really see (and feel) tangible improvements. Polli always goes above and beyond with her clients. I have never had a more personalized training plan and caring trainer before. She is a gem!  – Eric

I have known Polli for a couple of years now and always admired her and wished I could train with her, but being as she was in NJ and I am in Delaware, I wrote it off as something impossible….then along comes COVID. And everyone is on ZOOM all of a sudden. I saw Polli again and – EUREKA! – my wish could become a reality. Polli has helped me take my fitness to the next level. She is detail oriented and individualizes. Taking the time to not only explain things thoroughly, but also giving me specifics on equipment that will be most beneficial and give the most bang for my buck! ZOOM has not been a problem because Polli is clearly tuned in and attentive, making corrections as needed (so I don’t pull anything vital 🙂 She seems to know intuitively how to set a pace that is rigorous but achievable. I look forward to every session and if you hire Polli, I’m quite sure, you will too!  – Michelle

Joining a gym can sometimes be an intimidating act. I joined the Atlantic Club the year I turned 50 as I wanted to become a strong, fit and healthy person. I tried out several classes to see which ones would suit my needs best. The day I took Polli’s class was life changing for me and I have never looked back. During class Polli is engaging, encouraging, motivating and fantastic at explaining each exercise and what area of the body the exercise benefits. Polli is inspirational to me. This is my third year taking Polli’s Dynamic Core class and I find myself hearing her voice telling me how to lift items in my everyday life. Best Trainer!  – Jennifer

Polli is a dynamic trainer able to effectively engage her clients and strengthen all aspects of their lives. She actively listens to her clients and is able to create a dynamic program custom tailored to their goals and needs. I highly recommend Polli and am always looking forward to our next training session!  – Jessica

I consider myself an athlete in that I have goals for my recreational athletic pursuits – sport specific goals for running, climbing, biking, etc. I also seek training for more general functional strength and fitness that supports my sport specific goals, and more importantly, leads to a lifetime of functional movement. Polli is the rare trainer that can address both of these aspects. She can geek out on anatomy, periodicity, and the science of exercise physiology if that is what you are after. She can assess your physical fitness level and goals and craft a training plan that is fun, dynamic, and that fits you and your needs. She can motivate, empathize, coach, sound off, or just listen to what you need, depending on what is necessary for each client and each session. Polli is the rarest of birds in the personal training world – a motivated and professional expert in her field and craft who is open minded, adaptable, and skilled enough to work with everyone from high end athletes to first timers in the gym. I cannot recommend Polli enough. If you just want to get a great workout in, build functional lifetime fitness for lifetime movement, learn technique and skills that you can take with you anywhere, rehab injuries, build an intensive training plan for a specific goal, or just look good naked, Polli will listen to what is going on with you, and come up with a brilliant plan that will keep you motivated and eager to put the time in.  – Zack

Over the years I have watched Polli train clients at the Atlantic Club and have watched other trainers with their clients. There is absolutely no comparison! While the other trainers have answered their cell phones and occasionally ignored their clients while doing exercises that require supervision, Polli has never taken her eyes off those in her trust. And so I have been training with her and found that my observations have been correct. Not only has she been 100% attentive to me but she has encouraged me all along the way so that I have improved (even at my age)! She’s knowledgeable about nutrition and the body’s anatomy and will always share whatever new information she has found to benefit my health. You can tell she likes what she does! So glad we connected.  – Patricia

Polli is the consummate trainer and coach. She has a vast knowledge of exercise physiology and as an elite athlete herself, she knows how to assess her client’s needs and capabilities. Most importantly, Polli has that rare combination of passion for her craft and the ability to teach others the proper skills and techniques to achieve their goals. Her training is tailored based on individual evaluation rather than the boilerplate, repetitive routines you see trainers use across multiple clients all too often. With Polli, you are the focus. If you’re serious about results, I highly recommend her.  – Michael

Polli is a fantastic trainer. Highly motivating and very smart on how to do things without injury. She is inspiring and thoughtful. She helped me lose weight and recover after knee surgery. She is dependable and creative. Best trainer EVA!  – Jeannie

Polli is an exceptional trainer. She cares about the whole person and tailors her sessions to the client – working with her is a mind and body experience. She is a wealth of information.  – Ellen

With Polli’s guidance as I continue to take her classes and training sessions my back has healed to the point I can play golf effortlessly again. Her understanding of how the core muscles interact with the back is amazing. Plus my balance and core strength have improved tremendously. Way to go Polli!  – Mike