Strong enough.

Hello friends~ We spent several days this weekend taking care of tiny grandkids. Whew! Within an hour of their arrival, …

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Polli kettlebell plank pull through

The head bone’s really connected to the foot bone!

Hi Friends~ You know that strength training is essential for your physical and mental health, especially through the perimenopause and …

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Forced sunrise smile

Advice from The Terminator: SMILE even when you don’t feel like it.

Hello friends~ I would never have thought that I’d get inspiration from The Terminator, but I look forward to The …

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Chai Smoothie Bowl

You are not at war with your body. And a recipe.

Hello friends~ This is the Recipe Issue, but first – and I know, it’s so annoying to have to scroll …

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Polli Ucanrow2 On Demand

Exciting News: On Demand Workouts!

Hello friends~ I’m so excited I couldn’t wait to email you! Here’s the BIG NEWS: Now you can access on …

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Calanques Polli Michael Ronnie Dougie

A million lunges

Hello friends~ What an adventure with the eldest grandkid and his dad! The family lives in France, just a short …

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The M Word

Hello friends~ FINALLY. The silence is over, and the stigma has been lifted. Women are talking about menopause, and we’re …

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pesto stuffed sweet potatoes 4

The Recipe Issue ~ Pesto Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Hello friends~ I really do like to cook, but I also really don’t want to spend a lot of time …

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stress wine

Nutrition guidelines that truly work. Part 2. And introducing Ahhhnold’s newsletter.

LOVE AND RESPECT YOUR BODY FOR EVERYTHING IT CAN DO.   Hello friends~ I’m so happy you’re back. Before you …

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