Exercising with Chronic Pain

female lower back pain

Hello readers~ I’m this week’s ThoughtBox guest contributor. Joint pain is a common topic in conversation, research, and in articles, and we all experience it at some time. When you think of chronic pain, you might think of joint pain that persists in the back, ankle, knee, wrist, hip, or the neck. Well lucky me, […]

Working out with Nature

Mount Rogers sign

Guest Writer:  Darci Santella Now that the weather has finally transitioned from spring to summer, there are so many places you could go to work out. It can be a local park, trails, pools, outdoor facilities, and many more. One of my favorite things to do is to ride the Creeper Trail in southwest Virginia. […]

Losing My Athlete Status

Softball on field (athlete)

Guest Writer:  Darci Santella In the late 1990s – early 2000s I had the honor of being a Division I Softball athlete. Since I started playing at 12-years-old, I had been riddled with back problems, arthritis, and extra weight issues. But none of these could hold me back from playing a sport I loved until […]