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Here’s a workout anyone can do, to hit everything.
Whether or not you have a @concept2inc rower (although there’s no better piece of equipment to maintain strength and cardio).

EVERY PART of the workout can be modified/scaled for any fitness or experience level, and any, or no equipment.

Let’s do it!

✨Start with the warmup, which includes dynamic stretching to turn everything on.

✨Row 4 minutes 2min x 20spm; 2min x 22spm OR squats 4min slow, weighted or bodyweight

✨Side plank abductions to hit muscles in lateral plane, and core stabilization

✨Row 4min 2min x 22spm; 2min x 24spm OR squats

✨Deadlifts any weight (to replicate the legs in the rowing stroke)

✨Row 2min 24spm; 2min 26spm OR squats

✨cleans any weight (to replicate rowing stroke)

✨Row 2min 26spm; 2min 28spm OR squats

✨Finish with kettlebell swings

Get up, keep moving, and have fun!