You got this. Train smart, eat smart.

cottage cheese muffin with bite

Most of you now know my description of the two opposing voices we hear during workouts – one whispering, “you’re going to fail…”, and the other voice simply saying, “YOU GOT THIS.” After all these years, those two voices are still sometimes in my head when I train hard intervals, challenging sets, or heavy lifts. […]

The Recipe Issue: Shrimp Tacos and Super Easy Salmon Fritters

Easy Shrimp Tacos

Hello friends~ The recipe issue is a week early – I thought that you might like something quick and easy for the upcoming holiday, grilled or stovetop shrimp tacos, and super duper easy salmon fritters. Have a wonderful and healthy 4th Of July, and see you next week! Shrimp Tacos SERVINGS: 6 to 8 tacos Ingredients: […]

You are not at war with your body. And a recipe.

Chai Smoothie Bowl

Hello friends~ This is the Recipe Issue, but first – and I know, it’s so annoying to have to scroll down past a ton of stuff to get to the recipe – but this is worth it. Stick with me here. I keep saying it. BUILD MUSCLE. THERE ARE ONLY 2 WAYS TO DO IT. […]

The Monthly Recipe Issue: Cheese, Please!

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Hello my friends, Spring is approaching (hard to believe today!), so we’re starting to see ads touting every type of diet – it’s insidious. Diets don’t work, which is why there are so many. We try one that works for a while, then it doesn’t, then we try it again, and it might seem like […]

Have You Heard The Grape News?

beet grape smoothie

Hello friends~ This is the monthly recipe issue, but WOW – have you been reading the buzz about the “astonishing”, “remarkable” study about the effect of grapes for genetic remodeling, gut bacteria, the brain, and liver? Although all foods affect the body’s organs and systems, this research seems to indicate that grapes can change our […]

Your Monthly Recipe: Easy Grilled Salmon

grilled honey chipotle salmon foil packet with summer squash1 1657290268

Hello friends~ I hope you’re having a beautiful, fun summer! Summer days are long, and filled with activities, so let’s make dinner easy! One of my favorite summer dishes is grilled salmon. I love it year round, in the oven or grilled because it can be quick and easy to prepare, it’s delicious, and it […]

Is Sugar Ok?

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Hello Friends~ Are you enjoying summer and the proliferation of farmers’ markets and fresh produce everywhere? Maybe even in your own garden! I had a great conversation with a personal training and nutrition coaching client this morning about choosing the balance of foods for her athletic and weight control needs. We hit on the subject […]

Smoked Gouda Broccoli Soup & Things I Said

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Hello friends~ To all you mom athletes out there (and you are all athletes!), I hope you were feeling the love on Mother’s Day. I had calls from the kids (all parents now) and we did some reminiscing. One of the things that make being a mom especially great is being reminded of things I […]

Two Chefs And A Spring Salad

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Hello friends~ Welcome to the ThoughtBox Food Issue, always the second Monday of each month! I’ll be sharing recipes, cookbook recommendations, nutrition tips, and more. Let me know if you’d like to know about a subject around food and nutrition and I’ll put it on the list for a future issue. Looking forward to hearing […]