Ass Kicker

“This is my personal trainer. She gives me a beat down 3 times a week!”

That was the way a client introduced me.

His workouts were programmed with a focus on strength and cardio fitness goals, mechanics and skills, incorporating progressions and regressions, HR training, and RPE, and were indeed challenging. We had a years long working relationship, and we were both proud of his continual progress as he achieved significant milestones in lifting, rowing, and cycling.

HIs choice of words to describe the workouts as a “beat down” were disconcerting to me, but I know that he was pleased that he looked and felt good, that others in the gym could see how hard he was working, and he appreciated the challenge of being pushed out of his comfort zone.

During my years as a group fitness instructor, and as a personal trainer I’ve worked with a huge variety of personalities. It’s been my goal to encourage each individual to find their strong – to become stronger than they are today.

Programming for everyone’s needs and goals include moving weight in all planes of motion, functional compound movements, endurance building, and high-intensity intervals. Kettlebells are a favorite tool, offering aerodynamic resistance, and metabolic workouts.

Yes, there is always sweat. Yes, there is sometimes delayed onset muscle soreness.

If that means to some that I’m an ass kicker, ok, I’ll take it.

What does a challenging workout feel like to you? Do you have a nickname for your trainer?


I’ve also been called a beast. But I’m really nice.


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