Predators in your inbox

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Are you as tired as I am with the crap inundating our inboxes and social media? It all keeps the economy humming, but often leading to a drain on our wallets and negative health outcomes.  Contrary to what marketers and influencers constantly promote – life hacks, supplements, diets, or trendy exercise plans don’t work. They’re […]

Stress is everywhere, but it isn’t all bad.

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Does it seem like you’re experiencing more stress lately? Anyone could be feeling the effects of recent events, or maybe you’re slightly verklempt (love the expressiveness of Yiddish!) from life in general. Stress is everywhere, but it isn’t all bad. Stress is literally anything that has any effect on us, like weather, the food we […]

Two Fast And Cool Summer Recipes

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These hot days are perfect for fast and cool summer recipes. Let me know if you try these! WATERMELON BLACKBERRY SALAD This one of my favorite resources for healthy deliciousness: @shredhappens The ratios are up to you, so feel free to modify. 1.Start with a big base of watermelon, cut into cubes. I went with […]

About Face – Skin Product Hype

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I admit it. I’m a product junkie. I keep buying the hype in articles and social media posts promising that THIS one (they always say “this ONE…”) lotion, cream, peel, scrub that will reduce fine lines on the face (mine are not fine), wrinkles, dry, crepey, saggy skin. I apply layers of creams and lotions, […]



I want to live long of course, but I want to live well while I’m at it. As I tend to say constantly, strength is everything. But I’m sorry, that’s not completely accurate. I plan to be unstoppable. So much of living life well is mindset. I’ve been listening to the amazing, unstoppable Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ […]


Polli playing around sculpture with Layla and Lucy

Seventy-one-derful! That’s how a friend wished me a happy birthday and I LOVE it!  My birthday celebration kept going through this weekend on a day trip to the Grounds For Sculpture with my 2 daughters’ families. We scrambled among sculptures, climbed, ran, and played freeze tag through the park for hours on a gorgeous Sunday. […]

Why Get Up Keep Moving?

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I came up with the name of my business and social media, Get Up Keep Moving on a whim many years ago in a moment when I felt particularly energetic and I thought it would sound encouraging. Now I realize it sounds like I think everyone should be in constant motion. Far from it. I […]


Richard Heh in uniform 1

I’m remembering my dad today on this Memorial Day. It’s a holiday dedicated to honoring fallen soldiers, but he survived his military career as a WW11 hero, although he was so humble and would not claim that he was. My siblings and kids revered him, and we are all so proud that his journals are […]

Modesty is dumb

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I grew up being taught that modesty was a virtue – girls’ skills, brains, strengths, should be discouraged. I know now that modesty led to downplaying abilities and avoiding taking risks for fear of showing off.  Today I’m celebrating winning another powerlifting trophy. But the most important reason I train strength is to live my […]

My fuel

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Maybe I’m a weirdo, but I’ve always felt revved up when people have said, “just wait until you’re my age.” Well, now I’m that age (and older), and I’m not sure what I’m waiting for. A long-time friend says it every time we get together. I’ve also heard from women over the years who had […]