We’re All Role Models

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Hello friends~ It’s the best feeling when clients or family members let me know me that they’ve picked up some nugget of strength or nutrition wisdom. Sometimes they’ll say I inspired them to eat more protein and healthy carbs. Or they might tell me that they lifted a grandchild out of a pack n’ play […]

You’re Stronger Than You know

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Hello friends, I hope that you’re starting the year being good to yourself, moving your body, feeling positive, and having some fun. Especially at this time of year, well all year for that matter, it’s impossible to avoid the media preaching about wellness, fitness, strength, recovery, building habits, making space, finding time, breathing, sleeping, dieting […]

The Recipe Issue~ 3 Winter Warmers With Protein And Fiber You Need

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Hello my friends~ Do you get enough protein? It isn’t easy finding smart, delicious protein sources. Take a look at your diet to determine whether you need more protein (and leucine) in meals and through the day for muscle synthesis and repair. Athletes through menopause and beyond need more protein and leucine than premenopause. In […]

The 2023 Color Of The Year Is All About Optimism And Strength

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Hello my friends~ Do you see personalities in colors? I definitely do. So it’s always been interesting to see what the Pantone Color Institute picks for the color of the year…this one deserves a drumroll… 2023! “Viva Magenta … live life boldly in the moment.” https://time.com/6238112/pantone-color-of-the-year-2023/ The color Viva Magenta “… vibrates with vim and vigor, […]

Say Yes.

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Hello my friends~ I hope your holidays have been happy and peaceful, that you’ve challenged yourself a bit, learned some things, and that you’re looking forward to 2023. This is almost the 50th issue of Thoughtbox, and my sincerest thanks for reading and sharing. This is that weird time of year where we start thinking […]

My Gift For You Through The Holiday Season And Onward

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Hello friends~ My gift for you this holiday season and for 2023 are the most important things you need to know about getting and staying strong. This issue is with acknowledgement and thanks to my friends, the experts at Feisty Menopause, (especially Selene Yeager, the author of the content in this issue), where researchers, doctors […]

Get More Protein – Recipes For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

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Hello Friends~ Did you know? Menopause is a risk factor for disordered eating. Even if you’ve never experienced disordered eating in your life, midlife could be a time that you feel less in control because your body is functioning differently, or maybe you’ve gained weight or some body fat – which might lead to drastically […]

Saying It Out Loud. How’s Menopause For You?

Polli Strength training past menopause

Hello friends~ Putting it right here: How’s menopause going for you? It’s a topic that’s FINALLY getting press. There’s a scientific and cultural awakening. Some women begin perimenopause earlier than others, some seem to sail through it, and some hit physical and mental lows. Some of us experience the highs and lows day after day, and […]

Like It Or Not, Recovery Is When You Get Strong.

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Hello Friends~ Ready to merge into the next round of holidays? Take a breath, and make time for recovery. I’m saying it out loud for my own benefit, and for you too. Kids, grandkids, family and friends have departed, baby toys are put away, platters stored, sheets and towels folded. My hand is still healing […]

One-Handed Thanksgiving

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Hello friends, Happy pre-Thanksgiving! We’re moving along with meal prep for the second Thanksgiving, yesterday at my youngest daughter’s and hubby’s house with a few dozen in-laws and cousins, and again on Thursday for a crowd at our house. My son and his wife are already here for the week with the adorable youngest grandbaby, […]