A week away!


We just got home from a week in France visiting my son and his family, and helping them pack up to move back to the US.

It’s bittersweet for sure. Living in Saint-Cloud, near Paris has been a wonderful opportunity for them and their 4 kids over the past 10 years. The teenage boys are very much looking forward to being here, maybe not entirely realizing how amazing it’s been to easily hop on a train to ski in the Alps, or to be able to get to London or Rome in just a few hours.

So by mid-summer all of my 6 kids and their families will be in the US, and three sons’ families will be within an hour of one another near DC.

The newest baby girl was born in Alexandria 3 weeks ago, and we’re looking forward to meeting her on Memorial Day weekend! My two daughters’ families are nearby here at the Jersey Shore, my eldest with 2 daughters, and my youngest daughter had a baby boy a month ago.  We’ll be in NH in June to visit my son’s family and celebrate their little daughter’s birthday.

The feeling of deepest gratitude overtakes me every day when I think about them, or see the latest installment in their photo shares.

Family is everything.

Take a look at my Instagram @getupkeepmoving to see the photos from this trip!


Ronnie and Polli with kids in wagon
Walking the kids home from school ion St Cloud, FR last year.
Ronnie. Story and family with kids and Michael
The family with Michael filling up the sofa 2023


Polli with twins and Dougie
Saying goodbye yesterday…until we see them again in the US!
Michael and Polli with kids and bikes 1
Bikes Parc de Saint-Cloud
Andrew with twins on windowsill
Sillies in the window.









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