Be strong. Give yourself flowers.

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Did you see the GRAMMYs last night? Lots to like this year among the winners, those who didn’t win, and the tributes –  especially loved Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs duet, Fast Car, and the homage to Joni Mitchell by Brandi Carlisle, and singing the iconic song, Both Sides Now, the most perfect lyrics ever written.

Miley Cyrus was so genuine and enthusiastic winning her first GRAMMY. Her song, Flowers has a strong, empowering message  that she, and any woman can take care of herself just fine.

The video begins with Miley in a vintage Yves St Laurent gold ensemble, walking down a park path, through a sprinkler (that part was supposed to represent tears…?), first singing about a relationship that ended, then pulling her hair up, looking bolder, and BAM rocking an honest-to-goodness tough workout.

Let me know if you recognize the moves. Lunge jumps, burpees, bear crawls, bird dogs, ropes. If you’ve been training with me, you know!

You can buy yourself flowers any time you want to. The “flowers” can be real, or metaphorical, the decision to get strong, and committing to it, or do both. Roses and strength. You deserve it.

And by the way, you can wear whatever you want when you’re working out.

Meet me. Book: getupkeepmoving for in-person, or virtual sessions to get strong and stay strong, learn to lift, generate power, and be empowered and go the distance to do everything you love and feel great.

Now that song is stuck in my head!



Polli with white roses in basement
Give yourself flowers


Polli lunge knee up cropped
Polli banded lunge jump


Miley back lunge stepup

Miley banded lunge jump


Polli bear crawl
Polli banded bear crawl


Miley banded bearcrawl pushup
Miley banded bear crawl





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