The head bone is connected to the foot bone.

Hello friends~ I’ve been hearing from friends and clients all week about neck and shoulder pain. Hip, knee, and back issues too. It could be that people are less active in winter, maybe sitting more, exercising less. While we’re all getting older every nan0-second, we don’t have to be sidelined with joint pain, or succumb […]

Happy Days

Kettlebell leaks

Hi Friends, This week’s newsletter isn’t about fitness or nutrition, but a different, and important part of wellness. Happiness.  I just read an article about Finland again being ranked the happiest country in the world – that’s 6 years running. Taxes are very high in Finland, so money doesn’t seem to be a key to […]

Be strong. Give yourself flowers.

Polli with white roses in basement

Hey, hi! Did you see the GRAMMYs last night? Lots to like this year among the winners, those who didn’t win, and the tributes –  especially loved Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs duet, Fast Car, and the homage to Joni Mitchell by Brandi Carlisle, and singing the iconic song, Both Sides Now, the most perfect […]

Train for your old lady body.

Polli side with weights

Hello friends, Did you see the article in the NYTimes last week? (Gift article) Take the 30-Second Power Test If you’re a woman over 65, a good test score is the ability to get up no-handed from sitting in a chair 11 or more times. Men 12 or more. Strength training, (especially squats, which is […]

Force Of Nature

Polli black and white squat

Hi Friends~ If someone’s described as a force of nature, it seems like a compliment. But it also seems to imply that the person is just naturally that way. Good genes. Fast metabolism. Highly motivated. Disciplined. I heard someone refer to me that way recently, and none of that was ever true. I was an […]

Promises, promises.

Polli running on boardwalk

Hi Friends~ A fitness facility where I work is packed this month. No surprise – it happens every year. The members are doing the right thing, taking classes, using free weights and machines, and hiring trainers. But what happens next month, and the months after? Gyms literally bank on people buying memberships and training packages […]

Love your body. You live in it.


Hello friends on New Years Day 2024~ This 4 minute video from The Today Show in 2014 just popped up on my social media and I want to share it with you. If you could change one thing about your body what would it be? 50 adults and children were asked this question, and nearly […]

Holiday survival tips.

IMG 2221

Hi friends~ It’s that wonderful time of year when we’ve been all squishy and happy with family, traditions, music, and food….right? And now we’re looking at the new year. Are you feeling energized…or just wiped out? Let’s get real, it’s super stressful to fit it all in with work, kids, school, and everyday life. It […]

Got a bug and feeling bitchy?

Polli rower sick

Hello friends~ Hope you’re feeling well. I rarely get sick, but a bug got me this time. Many days coughing, body aches, fever, gastric issues too. Thankfully COVID neg. The doctor ruled out flu (but there are so many types of flu, right…?), and it wasn’t pneumonia on Friday. So an antibiotic was prescribed, which […]