My Ideal Client

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Hi friends~ Today on Instagram I posted our Virtual Small Group workout from this morning. It wasn’t really about the workout though – it’s an Ode To My Athletes. ❤️YOU are the reason I love my job. And that got me thinking about relationships with people I’ve coached over the years.   My ideal client. […]

The recipe issue. Yummy protein breakfasts!

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Hi Friends~ It’s the recipe issue – minus fussy recipes. These breakfast ideas are easy to make, and not super specific in ingredients. Get creative! I know I know. I keep saying it. Your body needs protein throughout the day, but it’s especially important to get enough in the morning. Starting your day with a high-protein breakfast […]

What a day! A bike ride for good ❤️🚲

Polli and michael 2023 ride finish

Hellooo friends~ I’m so excited to share the great day we had on Saturday!   8 years ago a group of bike riders from Asbury Park gathered in Washington’s Crossing, PA to ride in a cycling event, which also benefited programs in our community. We were happy to participate, enabling us to utilize a portion […]

Thoughts on aging, time, and how did it get to be Labor Day so fast?

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Hello friends~ About that article someone sent to me … About banishing negative thoughts on aging? I hope you can open it: Negative thoughts about aging can be harmful. Here’s how to reduce them. – The Washington Post Truth – I’ve never felt better, even with wrinkles and crinkles, and all the aches and pains and […]

There is no should.

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Hello friends~ I had a conversation with a woman the other day, who confided that she’s tried every diet, and every exercise program on the planet. She’s a veteran of Jane Fonda workouts, and has recently tried Crossfit. She’s done yoga, hot and otherwise, Bar Method, and Pilates. Listen, this woman looks fit and healthy. […]

Human Sprinkler System

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Hi Friends~ It’s been so HOT! Keeping cool in general is a challenge this summer, so if you’re training, indoors or outside you’re sweating up a storm for sure. The puddle on the floor under your spin bike or rowing machine isn’t fat or calories. It’s sweat, perspiration, fluid, containing electrolytes (such as sodium, potassium, […]

Summer break!

Polli with linden in pool

Hi friends~ Our family reunion in upstate New York this past weekend was at my sister and brother-in-law’s house this year, instead of here in Asbury Park, and it was an awesome time. Not just because we weren’t hosting 😉 The Hudson Valley is so beautiful, the cool laid back vibe, woods, farms is a […]

5 Ways To Get Strong And Stay Strong IRL

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Hello friends~ I hope you’re having a great summer! Around here it’s been a revolving door of kids, grandkids, siblings and their kids, and more to come. I love it! I’ve been hauling gear back and forth to the beach on my bike, playing around in the ocean, gardening, and loving helping a little guy […]

Better than ever – Younger Next Year book recommendation

Nora Langdon

Hello friends~ We’re seeing more and more women athletes doing incredible things into their 60’s, 70’s and 80s. This is an Instagram video of a guy cheering on his 64-year-old mom , “My Mum Is Stronger Than Your Dad” doing a 145k (319.67) trap bar lift. She’s obviously trained for it, and he’s very excited […]

How bad do you want it?

how bad do you want it

Hello friends~ We’ve all done it. We might know we need to make time (not to find time – the time is already there) to exercise. If we don’t really, truly want to, we can create a reality around the outcome we want. It’s really ok to say out loud that we don’t want to […]