Like It Or Not, Recovery Is When You Get Strong.

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Hello Friends~ Ready to merge into the next round of holidays? Take a breath, and make time for recovery. I’m saying it out loud for my own benefit, and for you too. Kids, grandkids, family and friends have departed, baby toys are put away, platters stored, sheets and towels folded. My hand is still healing […]

One-Handed Thanksgiving

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Hello friends, Happy pre-Thanksgiving! We’re moving along with meal prep for the second Thanksgiving, yesterday at my youngest daughter’s and hubby’s house with a few dozen in-laws and cousins, and again on Thursday for a crowd at our house. My son and his wife are already here for the week with the adorable youngest grandbaby, […]

Empower You – Strength Training Through Menopause And Beyond

Polli trap bar

Hellooo friends~ I’ve been baking sourdough bread during the pandemic. It’s a simple, ancient process. The yeast is activated with flour, water, salt, and time, creating a starter which grows, and as a living organism, it needs to be tended, and rested. Over the years I’ve neglected it – travel, work, family – life gets […]

Strength Training Strengthens The HEART ❤️

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Hello friends~ “The fat burning zone” is just so NOT. For the longest time cardio was promoted as the best form of exercise for general fitness, especially heart health. The treadmill, bike, stairmaster, and elliptical were (and often still are) the most in-demand equipment in the gym, and we still see people (unfortunately mostly women) […]

Lift Heavy Sh**

Polli standing with loaded bar in weight belt

Helloooo~ Seen any good movies lately? You’ve probably noticed that young female actors are often paired with actors 30 years their senior. And that women of “a certain age” are underrepresented in film. Geena Davis has been addressing this issue with the  Institute On Gender In Media. Here she is on WNYC The Takeaway. Emma Thompson […]

Fail Your Way To Success


Hellooo friends! Did you know that there’s a website called National Today with the months and the days of the year designated to people, and so many things? Every month has numerous, (and some wild!) designations, like National Service Dog Month, and National Velociraptor Awareness Month! October 13th is International Day for Failure. It’s a […]

Recipes Of The Month ~ Soup For You.

Lemony white bean soup

Hi Friends~ Hope you’re enjoying beautiful weather wherever you are, and trying like me not to think about darkness at 4pm! Autumn leaves, crisp morning air, cozy sweaters, snuggling indoors… Summer is still my favorite season, but I love soup any time of year. I often don’t follow a recipe, sometimes using leftovers and ingredients […]

Masters Athletes Are Not Geezers

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Hey friends~ Are you a masters athlete? You are not over the hill, a geezer, or past your prime. Did you know? If you’re over 35, you’re a masters athlete. According to the definition of “masters athlete”, age-wise, if you’re over 35 that’s you. And whether you’re competitive, or if you’ve ever pursued a physical […]

Rosh Hashanah – Being Ok In The New Year

dont let perfect be the enemy of good

Hello Friends~ I have a t-shirt that says “Enough Is Never Enough”. And my mantra is “It’s ok Polli”. Opposites, huh? Being ok with being ok. I try to be present, even hyper-present most of the time, but too often it feels like I’m failing – it’s impossible to be ON all the time. I […]