If we train grip strength and push-ups will we live longer?

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Hello friends~ When I started lifting I heard about the correlation of grip and push-ups to longevity. I wondered whether holding a loaded barbell and heavy kettlebells (grip), and doing push-ups every day would add to my years on earth? Grip strength and pushups are correlated to longer lifespan. Walking speed, and getting off the […]

Amazing women. Age, illness, loss – No excuses.

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Hello my friends, Do you feel like your chronological age? There are expensive tests to determine your biological age, but the way we feel and perform is a good way to get a good sense of how we’re aging. The stories in this issue are of women doing amazing things 83, 73, and 46 after experiencing […]

The Monthly Recipe Issue: Cheese, Please!

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Hello my friends, Spring is approaching (hard to believe today!), so we’re starting to see ads touting every type of diet – it’s insidious. Diets don’t work, which is why there are so many. We try one that works for a while, then it doesn’t, then we try it again, and it might seem like […]

International Women’s Day celebrating a 91 year-young woman rowing champion🔥

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Hey friends~ Celebrating you ❤️ as we head toward International Women’s Day on March 8th. I’m especially celebrating a hero, 91-year-young Alida Kingswood. I hope she’s basking in the glow of a fantastic finish in the recent International Indoor Rowing Championship. She finished this race with a great time, and huge applause at the end. […]

We need heroes.

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Hello my friends~ This is a new feature in Thoughtbox – My Heroes. I wore this tank top in sessions last week. You might have been there when I talked about it. @run_kiwi_run has been my hero since I heard this incredible story of grit and guts in 2017. I’ve been sharing her inspirational story […]

Have to, want to, get to.

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Hello friends~ By now you know that my newsletters and coaching are for women in the age demographic of perimenopausal and postmenopausal years – which can be 4 – 10 years or more, until menses stops at menopause, and then it’s a lifetime afterward – meaning anywhere between age 30 and beyond. Men are also […]

The Recipe Issue – Food Love ❤️

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Hello friends~ Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and I hope you’re planning to give yourself (and maybe someone else!) some culinary love. This issue offers a salad and dinner recipe, plus a chocolatey dessert for Valentine’s Day (or any time – chocolate can be healthful!), featuring chickpeas, salmon, vegetables, and healthy fats. Start Valentines Day and […]

Weight Loss BS

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Hi Friends~ If you’re a 45ish woman it’s understandable if you’re looking for a strategy lose weight – specifically fat loss. You might have tried a program or found nutritional advice that seems to be working. You’ve probably heard news about the miracle fat loss drug. I’m sad that so many people who have decided […]

Mission Control

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Hello my friends~ I hope you’re intentionally allowing time for yourself, “making space” for you during these gray mid-winter months. If we take time to breathe deeply, to go outdoors, to nourish our bodies, we’re more able to deal with small day-to-day minor annoyances, giving us a sense of control. But… On top of daily […]

We’re All Role Models

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Hello friends~ It’s the best feeling when clients or family members let me know me that they’ve picked up some nugget of strength or nutrition wisdom. Sometimes they’ll say I inspired them to eat more protein and healthy carbs. Or they might tell me that they lifted a grandchild out of a pack n’ play […]