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Maybe I’m a weirdo, but I’ve always felt revved up when people have said, “just wait until you’re my age.” Well, now I’m that age (and older), and I’m not sure what I’m waiting for. A long-time friend says it every time we get together.

I’ve also heard from women over the years who had one or two kids more than I did at the time (I now have 6 kids and 15 grandkids), who said some version of, “just wait, your body will never be the same…” “You won’t have time to ride your bike… work out… have any time for yourself.”

Those comments are motivation. They’re my fuel.

Some people see age or kids as obstacles – maybe excuses – not to work at staying strong and healthy. 

We all have obstacles and they can define us, or they can be used as a challenge to confront and triumph over.

I have injuries related to sports, and some are orthopedic issues that are age-related. They make some performance difficult, and sometimes downright uncomfortable, but in the end physical movement (and physical therapy) always helps.

Some medical professionals upon seeing my injuries have asked why at my age do I continue powerlifting, plyometrics, high intensity exercise, or long distance bike riding. Those are not my doctors anymore. 

There’s a powerlifting competition coming up this weekend. I competed only once before, 5 years ago just before COVID, and I won a state trophy. 

IMG 1313
The powerlifting win in 2019

I began considering it again about 2 months ago because at age 70 I’m the youngest in the 70-75 age category and maybe I have a chance of winning a trophy again. I could have used a longer training period, and I’m feeling some hip and knee stuff, but hey, whether I win or not it’s facing the challenge that matters. 

IMG 6010 1
Training at home yesterday!

I’ll let you know next week how it goes!




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  1. Polli!
    You are such an inspiration! Good luck this weekend in your competition. I have no doubt you will walk away with a trophy. I love how you compete against yourself and how you motivate others to be the best they can be. We are choosing to age differently, and I know the people in our lives, especially our family members, children and grandchildren, benefit the most. Life is beautiful! Again, thank you for consistently inspiring us and also the best of luck to you, although you won’t need it, this weekend as you compete!
    I can’t wait to hear an update about how you do. 🥳👍🏼😎🥰

    1. Kathy you are so kind! I’m nervous, but I keep asking myself why? There’s no prize money on this, and even if i don’t win I’ll be super happy that I gave it a good shot. Snd yes we’re absolutely defining for kids and grandkids how to age well. I never intended to act as an “example”, just doing things I enjoy, but I do see that it serves to inspire clients and maybe even my progeny!

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