Exciting News: On Demand Workouts!

Hello friends~
I’m so excited I couldn’t wait to email you!
Here’s the BIG NEWS:
Now you can access on demand workout videos with me, and other UCanRow2 certified coaches , wherever you are in the world and whenever it works for you!
Rowing utilizes almost 90% of muscles with every stroke, and it’s low-impact so everyone can row at any fitness level, from beginners to elite athletes. And rowing is excellent cross-training for every sport. 
*No rowing machine (yet😊)? These workouts can be done with a treadmill, elliptical or bike.
“I didn’t know that follow-along workouts could be so effective and fun until I began doing them with excellent coaches like those on the UCanRow2 team.”
Now you can have the same great experience wherever you are, and whenever you want!
✅Just starting rowing and want to learn to make it effective and fun?
✅Need a motivational boost to stay consistent with your workouts?
✅Want to make the most of rowing to incorporate it into your strength and fitness program?
✅Already loving rowing and want to get a stronger and more effective stroke?
With a membership to UCanRow2 on Demand you can work out with me, or other master and certified instructors with decades of experience coaching rowing, plus other modalities as well – running, competitive cycling, triathlon, pre-and postnatal fitness, CrossFit, barbell strength training, powerlifting, strength for women through menopause, functional fitness, orthopedic exercise, fitness for weight loss, and more.
Polli Final UCanrow2 on demand promo
So great to be a part of this team!
Looking forward to working out with you On Demand!

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