How bad do you want it?

Hello friends~

We’ve all done it.

We might know we need to make time (not to find time – the time is already there) to exercise. If we don’t really, truly want to, we can create a reality around the outcome we want.

It’s really ok to say out loud that we don’t want to exercise. It can be the best decision at the time if you need to rest and recover, or if there’s an injury or illness. But if you’re saying you want to make time to exercise and you don’t…

Humans are great at rationalizing. 

how bad do you want it

As a coach I’ve heard a lot of justifications for not training. Not enough time (the most common), too expensive, family responsibilities, fear of injury. “Too busy” is a biggie. Sometimes the doctor is to blame, I’m not allowed to…”. I’ve even been told that a massage therapist advised against exercise.

The BEST way to stay accountable is to get a coach (hey I know a great one!). Banish that “too expensive” excuse. I KNOW that one. I used to think having my own personal trainer was a luxury. I know better now. Over the years people have often asked me why, as a coach that I had a coach… it’s been at the top of my list of priorities because I’ve learned that everyone does better with a mentor.

The time is now, today, to decide how strong you want and need to be, and then crank up some tunes and get moving. I have literally hundreds of playlists to share, and I would love to add yours! Let me know in comments.

If you really want to train on your own, here are 2 workouts for you:

Polli push up

Upper Body
Inchworms (plank walkouts): 8 reps

Pushups (modify as needed) 10-20 reps

Bent over row: 10-20 reps

Mountain climbers: 10-20 reps

Lower Body
Alternating reverse lunges: 10 to 20 reps per leg

Alternating side lunges:10 to 20 reps per leg

Single-Leg Hip Bridge: 12-20 reps

Wall Squat Iso Hold: 60-second hold

Bodyweight squat jumps: 5 reps

Bodyweight squats 20 reps

How bad do you want it? 










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