I get you, I promise

Hello friends~

Another one of those guilt inducing end of year, new year’s resolutions articles about getting serious about nutrition and exercising? Not. Nope. No way.

I promise.

I get you.

Prioritizing is a challenge in the best of times, especially during the holidays when everything demands attention at the same high level of importance. I’m still working on it, and my kids are all grown up. Don’t believe anyone who claims that they have it all figured out.

So let it go. (Really that song – the last line.) Let it go.


You don’t have to get a coach.

Of course I want you to hire me. I want to see you getting strong, mobile, and feeling great. It’s the reason I love what I do. But you don’t need me to get started.

Focus on the big muscles, and core strength that will work for you for the rest of your life.

Move your body, have fun doing it because it makes you feel good.

Start on your own.

Walk for 10 minutes.

Do 20 bodyweight squats.

Take 5 trips up and down the stairs.

Do 10 pushups right there at the bathroom or kitchen counter, and lower the angle little by little over time.

Play – jump, reach, throw – anything that feels like fun!

Polli walkover attempt
An attempt at a walkover. It was fun trying!

You’ll see results.

Start now to train for your old lady years. If you’re already an old lady start RIGHT NOW. You can keep getting strong for a lifetime.

Too many women don’t lift because they’re afraid they might injure themselves. Instead, be afraid of being in your 70s or 80s and falling and breaking a hip because your bones and muscles weren’t strong enough because you didn’t lift.

Polli trap bar
Learn to lift heavy. Get strong with a great coach.

Then when you hire a great coach, you’ll…

…learn effective mechanics so you can make progress to get strong and stay strong.

…work hard, really hard, because now you know it pays off.

…be accountable – a coach will keep you going when you might not feel like it. (No one ever regrets doing a workout).

…do the boring, repetitive basics to enable you to experience positive results over time.

…gain confidence, personal empowerment.

My wish for you during this holiday season is the joy of building strength that will last a lifetime. 

I’ll be happy to go on the journey with you.





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