It’s The Small Things

Hello friends~

How does September feel to you? It’s kind of bittersweet to me.

In June the summer held so much possibility.

At the end of August I tend to start thinking about the things I didn’t do during the summer, rather than focusing on the things I did do. There’s a little palpitation of urgency to do all of the summery things in the next month or so…stand up paddle boarding…kayaking…the surfing lessons I keep talking about. I might actually get back on the water at the rowing club before the end of September, yay!

How do you measure the way you spend time?

Tomatoes and chopped tomatoes

Things I did do: Worked on building my coaching biz, spent quality time with wonderful clients, did fun things around our town, kept up with advocacy commitments, and worked in the garden (those tomatoes!). I traveled to visit kids and grandkids, researched and learned some things (the Precision Nutrition Certification in May was a big one), rowed and exercised with weights almost every day, rode bikes, took walks, and spent some lovely late afternoons on the beach, and yet…

Things I didn’t do: Try to hit a PR on the rowing machine, nail a certain number of meters, train on my road bike, or work on powerlifting – at all.

One step at a time.

Maybe it was drilled into me to be accountable for myself when I was growing up – I feel good when I’m productive. Wasting time seems sort of criminal (ask my kids and my partner), but if it feels like everything is a big thing, and all of the big things need to get done, sometimes nothing gets done. Task paralysis takes over.

Step by step progression will ultimately lead to results, whether it’s strength training or cleaning closets. And it’s ok to be ok with the steps themselves.

Value in the small things.

Polli with sourdough done

My mantra: “It’s ok Polli”. I’ve always known that there’s great value in small things, like making a call or sending a note, picking tomatoes in the garden, baking something delicious, playing a board game, or making a flower arrangement. There is value any time I stretch a bit, or do a few lunges or squats. But sometimes I forget that those simple, small things are so meaningful and are integral to the whole picture of deep health and wellness.

Put one foot in front of the other, or just take a nap with a kid on a hammock. ❤️ Rest and recovery are important too.

Polli napping with Theo on the hammock

Do we need to measure what we do by the clock, the calendar, or or are we using other criteria of perceived value?

Love to know your thoughts.




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