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This was such an honor – to be included in this article among  these amazing women!

Polli Schildge: From Rowing Skeptic to Rowing Evangelist


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Polli Schildge on her Concept2 rowing machine.


Polli Schildge’s journey into the world of indoor rowing began a decade ago when she was 60 years old. A competitive cyclist and fitness professional, Polli’s on-water rower friend introduced her to erging.

“I was not a fan initially,” Polli says. She found herself struggling to grasp the mechanics and didn’t see what the excitement was all about. Undeterred, Polli persisted and finally found her groove with the help of some expert coaching.

She stuck with it not only because of the progress she saw in her own rowing, but also because she realized that rowing was exceptional cross-training for cycling.

“I was also training for a powerlifting competition (which I won!) and my rowing was improving as I gained strength with lifting,” she says. “I got my rowing certification and now I work with people of all fitness levels.”

“The erg is the best tool in the gym and having the skills to use it effectively is invaluable.”

Polli is paying it forward, too. Inspired by Arshay Cooper’s A Most Beautiful Thing, she has obtained a donation of ergs from a local university to enable her to start a youth indoor rowing program in her town of Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Indoor rowing has become an integral part of Polli’s life, contributing to what she describes as the most rewarding time in her life. Alongside her partner and extended family of six children and 13 grandchildren, she continues to inspire others through her fitness business

Whether you’re discovering erging for the first time, overcoming physical challenges, or setting world records, the rowing machine can be a ticket to empowerment and health at any age. It’s not just about the equipment; it’s about the operator—and these women are proving that the sky’s the limit.

Rowing is great cross training for cycling, and for EVERY sport,

I’ve been rowing a lot for the past few years, and less training on the bike for cycling events. I know – it sounds counter intuitive, and it was kind of an experiment using myself as the guinea pig.  Long training rides have been difficult to schedule, and I learned without any doubt that rowing has been fantastic preparation for recent 50-60 mile events!

For boxing – Conor McGregor rows to stay fit and powerful.

Want to learn to row, and how to use this terrific machine to its most effective advantage??

I’m here for you!





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