My birthday present to you!

Hello friends~

Today’s my 70th birthday. I have a special gift for you, and you can scroll down, but I hope you read … and maybe you can relate. As always I love your comments!

The past 20 years have included mostly positive experiences, and some challenges. Divorce after 26 years was hard but liberating, and a long time in the making. 6 kids have moved on in their lives through high school, careers, marriage, parenthood, making me mother-in-law, and a grandma of 13 so far. I’ve had a solid relationship with a “significant other”, “boyfriend”, “partner” (whatever you call it when you’re old!) for 18 years.

Interests have evolved from being a mixed-media artist, a gardener, floral designer, event planner, runner, and cyclist, to becoming a certified strength coach, indoor rowing coach, and nutrition coach. I’m lifting heavy, and I won a powerlifting competition just before the pandemic, which I would never, EVER have imagined doing.

I’ve learned a lot of stuff about myself in 20 years. I’m competitive, but patient. I like surprises but I like to be prepared. I’m spontaneous, but I have goals. I used to think jocks were stupid, and now I’m an athlete. I’m mostly ok with myself, but I also look for ways to improve. I’m passionate but calm.

I have a capacity to stick with hard things to a pretty high level of accomplishment. I’m also pretty sure that I have ADD. Stick-to-itiveness  and distractedness would seem to conflict!

I don’t believe in astrology, but I’m a Gemini, so whether or not that’s the reason, I’ve accepted having kind of a dual personality – each part helps the other!

On my 70th birthday, I couldn’t have imagined it, but I’m stronger, both physically and mentally than I was in 2003. The question is … “can it continue?” We’re all losing muscle as we age, but we can stay very strong by training remaining muscle fibers. Strength training can improve and help maintain cognitive skills, and healthy nutrition can stave off illness. So I’m going to keep moving, keep lifting, eating healthy, and moving my body in challenging ways, because it pays off in every way. I hope I can inspire you to do it too.

Happy birthday to me jump 1
A happy sunrise jump, and a strange orange dot sun!

Whether you’re a mass of contradictions, or if you’re following carefully laid plans…


I never doubted that I’d reach this age, but I’m so grateful and yes, surprised that I feel so healthy and strong.

You can have your cake AND be healthy.

Healthy living doesn’t have to be rigid.

Having a plan in which you don’t have to be perfect can make you more likely to succeed.

This is my birthday present to you:

A code: BDAY 

For one free Virtual MPower Personal Training session in June.


Be intentional. Be conscious. Take advantage of opportunities to grow and get stronger. We all have a limited time on the planet. Make the most of it.

Looking forward to seeing you at





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