Pick Things Up And Put Them Down

The what.

Pick things up and put them down. Repeat. That’s what we all do in one way or another on any given day. Groceries, household tasks, kids, pets, or weight lifting squats, deadlifts, bench press – we’re all picking up and putting down our own bodies and other stuff every day. It’s my job to help you pick things up and put them down smarter, stronger, more powerfully, and faster than you do today.

Polli deadlift at cryolete


The Why.

How strong do you want and need to be?  Are you planning a trip with kids where you’ll be bending, lifting, pulling little ones around? Are you registered for a powerlifting competition and you have 12 weeks to get to your PR 1RM? Maybe it’s aesthetics – a beach vacation in a few months, and you’re not loving the view in the mirror right now. Or are you entering a physique competition? For real. Lifting weight makes you stronger, look better, and  keeps you young.

Polli and layla


The How.

Start with the foundation. It takes time to build it. A foundation of consistency begins with where you are right now, and adds intensity gradually. Start with walking if that’s where you are, then jogging, then running, or biking short distances, then longer and faster. Start learning the mechanics of rowing at a slow, steady stroke rate, then gradually add intensity and speed. Start with a pair of dumbbells and exercises that feel challenging but doable, then when they feel easier and the dumbbells feel lighter, adjust weight/volume/weight. A pretty simplistic description, but it’s the way it works. Get strong lifting weight.

Polli on trainer

Results occur with consistency as the body adapts to the load and stress demand. Results from consistency lead to a higher tolerance to train heavier, generate more power, and go faster longer.

Do smart, challenging workouts that continue to build a strong foundation to support the strong that you want and need.

– Polli



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