Promises, promises.

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A fitness facility where I work is packed this month. No surprise – it happens every year. The members are doing the right thing, taking classes, using free weights and machines, and hiring trainers.

But what happens next month, and the months after?

Gyms literally bank on people buying memberships and training packages and not using them.

Sales of gym memberships, supplements and diet programs soar at this time of year. 

The pitch is simple: Buy the thing and achieve incredible fitness results FAST.

Why do people fall for it?

People want to believe in magical promises of achieving health and fitness goals.

The most effective way to be strong and maintain good health is to eat good food and train your body in ways that you’ll do for the long term…but…

The industry profits by hijacking brains.

The business model succeeds in selling quick fixes, like 12 week weight loss programs, diets, and supplements – short term, if they work at all. Most don’t. Then there’s another one to buy.

Keep it simple. Ignore the promises. 

The things that will make the biggest difference are done consistently:

  1. Sleep at least 6 hours per night (ideal 7-8) If it’s hard to sleep, get enough magnesium, and try this lovely magnesium/lavender body cream.

  2. Walk every day. Don’t stress on the number of steps. 5,000-7,000, more is great, but just walk. Some is better than none.

  3. Strength train (lift heavy) twice a week, and do some moves every day where you push off the earth. There is no “best” exercises. Resistance is resistance.It’s no surprise that I’m a 1000% proponent of strength training. Besides ensuring that you’ll not only add years to your life, but life to your years – and it can even improve your skin!

  4. Get your heart rate up a little every day. Intensity does matter (high intensity is individual) Take the stairs fast or two at a time a few times a day. Run around the block a few times and sprint mailbox to mailbox. Add indoor rowing as the BEST tool for your strength and fitness program. Indoor rowing can be your best go-to for high intensity sessions.

  5. Eat more fiber. If there’s a nutrition hack, this is it. The research on fiber is so overwhelming that fiber can fight cardiovascular disease, improve cholesterol, maintain a healthier weight. The magic number is 30 grams a day.Here’s how to eat more fiber.

  6. Eat enough protein. Get a source of high-quality protein at each meal, whether you’re a carnivore or vegan. (Here are plant protein sources.) Pick the sources of high quality protein you enjoy and eat them. If you’re using your body, exercising at all, or training hard, protein aids recovery and helps build muscle to support the joints and improve performance. Muscle is active tissue that uses fat for fuel. 90 grams a day is my goal most days but don’t obsess over the number.

  7. And last but definitely not least, look for ways to relieve stress. Stress is everywhere and everyone experiences it. It’s how we deal with it that matters. Whatever you do that brings you even briefly to a better place throughout the day – breathing exercises, meditation (I’m terrible at this), a walk (a nature walk if you can), turn on music and dance in the kitchen, stretch, a few minutes of yoga moves, even short bursts of light exercise can help. Indoor rowing can be a low intensity stress reliever too!

Polli running on boardwalk
An interval run on the boardwalk to get HR up…or… an easy relaxing jog for stress relief. You do you ❤️

Love to know if you’ve found these thoughts and resources helpful!





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