Like It Or Not, Recovery Is When You Get Strong.

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Ready to merge into the next round of holidays? Take a breath, and make time for recovery. I’m saying it out loud for my own benefit, and for you too.

Kids, grandkids, family and friends have departed, baby toys are put away, platters stored, sheets and towels folded. My hand is still healing from surgery, so this enforced recovery is required, even though I don’t like it. Every time I’ve had an injury, as frustrating as it is, my performance improves after recovery. Recovery matters, mentally as well as physically. Recovery is when we get strong, and I have to remind myself and my clients often. Muscles rebuild during the biological process of recovery.

IMG 1623
This is what recovery looked like during the weekend, post hand surgery!

Build recovery into your program to get stronger, and go longer. 

Here’s inspiration: Whether you’re 40 or 80+ you can stay strong and fit for the long game like 83-year-old Kathy Bergen. Mom of 5, grandma of 13. She didn’t start competing until she was 54. She says she’ll “keep doing this forever”. When she was about 70 she learned “I was doing too much and wasn’t allowing my body to heal.” She worked with a coach and she’s become a world-class sprinter.

You are an athlete if you are doing anything with your body for a purpose.

Whether you’re lifting a barbell, or hauling kids, gardening, running for the train to get to work…or competing in a sport…you get the idea. Set aside time to train your body for the long game, and use recovery specific to you as a woman. A certified coach will create a program for you, with a balance of training and recovery. Remember that in addition to recovery, nutrition is a key component of the equation. Dr. Stacy Sims: nutrition for performance through menopause.

“Women over 40 regularly execute incredible endurance performances, demonstrating that while age may change your body, that does not mean abandoning your goals”.  Age and menopause are not a barrier.

I loved this post last week in a blog I’ve been following for years: Aging, Activity, and Myths. Images and tropes of frail older women hobbling into “golden years” are a MYTH.

















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