The Human Machine

Gardening was my thing for a long time; hauling stones, pushing wheelbarrows, planting trees, and dragging hoses while my kids played on the backyard swings and sandbox. I ran whenever I could, did some local races, rode bikes with kids, and even took ballet classes (the worst ballerina!).

Incapacitating back pain was a shock. I had ignored warning signs until suddenly any movement was almost unbearable. The orthopedist diagnosis was several herniated discs. With the help of physical therapy, strength training and movement, my back has been mostly asymptomatic for 30 years. Movement is medicine.

Effective movement connects every body part to the brain, enabling joints and muscles to work together. Neurons send pain messages to the brain, and then we have to decide what to do. We can utilize tools (aka exercises) to prevent joint pain flare ups and create a healthy environment for joint function.

Smart training will help keep the human machine humming along if we understand the physics and mechanics of movement,

As we move through our 30s, 40s and beyond, injuries and some wear and tear (particularly arthritis) are almost inevitable. People who are sedentary often experience more injuries and orthopedic issues, and consequently more surgical procedures than those who are physically active. With the application of therapeutic movement it’s possible to avoid surgery, or if unavoidable, to be stronger prior to surgery and recover faster.

Damage to my spinal discs and facets won’t “go away”. The diagnoses of stenosis, osteoarthritis and multiple labral tears, and even a few broken bones are visible in a stack of imaging reports. But as a professional coach and personal trainer I have the knowledge to create a continual, evolving program to stay strong and keep moving, for myself and for my clients.

Exercise is hard work, sometimes uncomfortable, and even discouraging, especially during a long injury rehab. But seeing progress and feeling stronger is amazing and rewarding. The human machine responds to the work, and the work keeps it moving doing everything we love to do. 

polli garden

End of season green tomatoes.






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