Thoughts on aging, time, and how did it get to be Labor Day so fast?

Hello friends~

About that article someone sent to me …
About banishing negative thoughts on aging?

I hope you can open it: Negative thoughts about aging can be harmful. Here’s how to reduce them. – The Washington Post

Truth – I’ve never felt better, even with wrinkles and crinkles, and all the aches and pains and injuries.
I never thought 70 would feel so good.

Attaining each year strong and healthy has felt like success, and I’m damn proud to tell my age.

It’s all about 3 things.
1. Attitude

Every aspect of getting older is made better with eating good food, daily sustained movement, and strength training.

And I will say again: it is never too late to start.

IMG 9082
Two (of the 13) grandkids staying with us this weekend.
IMG 9081
Dribble castles and sandcrabs.
IMG 9083
Labor Day weekend trailering two grandkids!
IMG 9084
Never too old, or too young to start loving being strong!
IMG 9085
Labor Day visit with 4 of the grandkids.

And today…I cannot believe it’s Labor Day. 

It felt so good this summer to take more trips to visit family, and we loved hosting them in Asbury Park – I truly believe that taking care of grandkids is keeping us feeling young!

I liked seeing the summer schedule fill up with in-person clients and virtual group sessions, to get my own workouts in, to utilize the pretty outdoor spaces around the house and in the garden, doing community stuff, and to bike to the beach for a splash in the ocean almost every day, sometimes at dawn, or late in the afternoon when the crowds have departed.

The downside of being busy is the days and weeks have blurred into one another.

The busier we are, and definitely the older we are, the faster time flies, and time is our most precious resource – it’s whatever we make of it. Being conscious and intentional makes it worthwhile – there isn’t enough time to waste it.

We exercise and eat smart to ensure more years in our life, but even more important is the life in our years.

I love that there is a desire among my clients for fitness knowledge to be healthy and strong for kids and grandkids, but just as important we want to live our best lives.

What are your thoughts on aging?





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