What a day! A bike ride for good ❤️🚲

Hellooo friends~

I’m so excited to share the great day we had on Saturday!

Polli and michael 2023 ride finish
Polli and Michael at the finish after the 62 mile ride in the 2023 Jersey Shore Ride For Food Justice


8 years ago a group of bike riders from Asbury Park gathered in Washington’s Crossing, PA to ride in a cycling event, which also benefited programs in our community.

We were happy to participate, enabling us to utilize a portion of the proceeds to support the programs at the Trinity Center for Community in Asbury Park. These programs include a food pantry, a community meal (soup kitchen), housing help, homeless prevention, overall personal wellness programs, financial and budgeting courses, community arts and music programs, and much more.

After our second year doing the PA ride, and with the enthusiasm and guidance of our amazing leader, we decided to launch our own cycling event here in Asbury Park.

With a committee of dedicated volunteers, 160 riders, and wonderful community sponsors and donors The Jersey Shore Ride For Food Justice has grown to become an incredible event which raised $88,000 last year!

Teams and riders joined the ride from all over the Jersey Shore area, and beyond, like The Jersey Shore Touring Society, and the Major Taylor Cycling Club Of NJ.

MJCC teams are global, and this NJ club  one of many across the US, hosting rides throughout the year, raising funds for important causes. We were honored that they joined the event!

Polli with MTCCNJ team
Some of the members of the Major Taylor Cycling Club Of NJ, who came to Asbury Park to ride for good!

Learn about Major Taylor, a black cyclist considered “the fastest man on earth” before the turn of the century.

Based upon last year’s success, with the energy and help of riders, volunteers, donors and sponsors we hope the event will raise 100,000 this year.

Michael and I were able to raise almost $9000. Click to donate to our team, The Stoics!

A current total of $74,588 has been raised, and contributions continue to come in, so if you haven’t already, click here to support The Stoics, or make a make a general donation. Please share!

The kids’ ride this year was the first, so stay tuned for next year!

IMG 9459
The first ever Jersey Shore Ride For Food Justice Kids’ Ride!


IMG 9458
A tiny rider ❤️

Thank you!



Polli and Michael in JSRFFJ jersseys
Thank you all!



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