Attitude Comes First

We’re our own worst critics.

And social media certainly doesn’t help. Influencers and wellness/fitness pros often set an aspirational bar that’s unrealistic and unattainable for most. It impacts all of us to some degree, me included.

We’re all prey at least somewhat, to the influences of our culture, and so much of it is negative messaging. The way we respond to these influences starts with attitude, and it can get harder with age to keep a positive outlook

As a coach and trainer, I’m most rewarded working with folks in my own demographic, and they inspire me every day. Some clients are post-surgery, and some are training to mitigate the effects of movement disorders, diabetes, hypertension, or for weight loss. Other clients are looking to improve golf, cycling, tennis, pickleball, or to get in shape for a hiking trip.  They all want to feel and function their best.

Coaching changes lives.

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So many in their 50s & 60s and beyond have abdicated ownership of their bodies and brains to the “healthcare” system and medication. They might be in pain, with limited mobility, or lifestyle diseases like hypertension and T2 diabetes. They’ve come to depend upon practitioners, surgeries, and procedures to fix them. This is not surprising considering all of the commercials advertising pharmacology, essentially telling people that they are sick and broken. Procedures can be essential, medicine can save lives, and practitioners are important, but our own bodies are miraculous. We can all do so much more than we know.

Everyone can get stronger at ANY age.

Folks find me by word of mouth or on social media, then when they are ready and willing we connect where they are mentally, emotionally, and physically, so I can validate fears, help to build confidence, and celebrate every success, no matter how incremental.  Strength and health are to a large degree about attitude at the beginning.

It starts with attitude. Motivation comes later.

I know what it feels like to rehab injuries, deal with arthritis, experience trauma, and that raising kids is the hardest job.

Let me know if you’d like to take this journey with me.



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