You Are SO Worth It

You’re Not Alone.

I use social media in my strength and fitness business, and I’m bombarded by filtered images of slick bodies in almost unimaginable poses, usually wearing very little clothing. This unrealistic imagery can sabotage health and wellness, and is known to be detrimental to mental health. Fitness inspiration #fitspo and “thinspo” content can lead to shame, anxiety, depression, and mood swings. The messaging can lead to unhealthy eating and exercise.

Stop the scroll. You’re worth it.

So how to take care of yourself?  It’s totally ok not to know.

You’re not alone. The need for a personal trainer/coach, a certified professional who knows you and your needs and goals is more important than ever. As a coach my goal is to empower you with the knowledge of how to move and to use your body effectively, efficiently and safely.
I’ll teach you how to find your strong so you can do everything you do better.

In a strength training program with me you will: Get stronger than you are now. Learn how to do things you may never have believed you could do (or even knew existed!). Reduce the risk of injury. Gain confidence. And of course you’ll learn to use that amazing rowing machine as a part of your program.

Rest and recovery are important for everyone too. So read a book. Take a nap. Go for a walk.

You’re SO worth it. 

Set up a session online or in-person right here:


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We all have confidence issues sometimes. #findyourstrong

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