The 2023 Color Of The Year Is All About Optimism And Strength

Hello my friends~
Do you see personalities in colors? I definitely do. So it’s always been interesting to see what the Pantone Color Institute picks for the color of the year…this one deserves a drumroll…


“Viva Magenta … live life boldly in the moment.”

pantone article what is viva magenta image 2
Strength, vitality, optimism for 2023!

The color Viva Magenta “… vibrates with vim and vigor, demonstrates a new signal of strength, which is something we all need for a more optimistic future.”

What a great an opportunity for a training metaphor!

Strength and optimism – and as I interpret it, a particularly feminine positive approach to growth, resilience – which also means being open to change.

As living organisms we’re changing constantly.

So training and nutrition need to change too.
Even if you’re functioning and performing really well right now, there is no way to maintain your level of performance for the long term by following the same training program, or without addressing changing nutritional needs.

Stay ahead of the changes.

Everyone naturally loses muscle fiber with age, and every woman experiences changes in hormone levels through menopause and beyond. You can stay ahead of the changes with training and nutrition for optimal physical and mental health – muscular strength, endurance, function, mental acuity, and clarity.
Through menopause it’s essential to train with progressive overload (which means lifting heavy for YOU), and eat enough protein to keep muscles strong, and possibly even preserve muscle and slow the process of sarcopenia.

Challenge skeletal muscle, and include 30g of protein in each meal (or 90g spread throughout the day), plus fiber for a healthy microbiome.

Here are delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes.

This 12 month study on progressive overload in post menopausal women found overall improvement in muscle, and indicates that a longer term overload training program can continue to improve muscular strength.

Here’s to vim and vigor, and an optimistic future!

This is the year that you can choose to do the things that might seem physically and mentally harder, or might take more thought or time. The things that are just outside your comfort zone. The things that show you that YOU are in charge.

You can get stronger than you are today.

If you’re new to strength training, you can get even stronger than you were years ago.

Let’s start right here.

Core stabilizers are a critical basis for a strong back and entire posterior chain, which will provide the structure you need to perform every day.

Here are 3 of the BEST core exercises:

Gukm bridges

Gukm bird dogs

Gukm side plank raises

Vim, vigor, vitality, vivid, VIVA!
Get strong with MPowerU.
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Train for you. 
Let’s do it together.
Onward to 2023~

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