What’s Sexy?

Victoria’s Secret is changing their image.


VS bubble dress 14VS REBRANDING12 superJumbo
The VS Fashion Show. Model wearing a concoction with bubbles.

VS has had their niche. The fashion shows and many products have been over-the top and have attracted women, men, and non-binary folks for years. Now it’s rebranding.

Aspirational marketing – sex sells everything – cars, clothing, jewelry, shoes…

Aspirational marketing is powerful. But the idealized image may alienate consumers. The Me Too, and Womens’ March movements have spurred a backlash with serious concern about objectification.

I don’t think the problem is the clothing.

The size and shape of VS models has been the issue all along, possibly leading to unhealthy body image, unhealthy eating, and promoting thinness – along with the constant barrage of fitness influencers all over social media.

The new ad campaign focuses on inclusivity, including a variety of body types and ethnicities.

14vs rebranding1 superJumbo
The new VS campaign is inclusive and the garments look functional. 

It’s good that we’re at a time that companies and their advertisers are aware of the impact of their messaging and it’s showing in the bottom line.

My message, whatever you’re wearing is this:





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