You’re Stronger Than You know

Hello friends,
I hope that you’re starting the year being good to yourself, moving your body, feeling positive, and having some fun.

Especially at this time of year, well all year for that matter, it’s impossible to avoid the media preaching about wellness, fitness, strength, recovery, building habits, making space, finding time, breathing, sleeping, dieting – influencers profiting from it all are so annoying.

I think Kate Hudson is adorable (did you see Glass Onion?), and I even own some of her gear, but this magazine cover is just too typical.
Many of my coaching clients have been tough on themselves for too long, and now they’re starting to get down about not fulfilling resolutions. If that sounds like you, it’s time to turn that around.
How to get started?
Look away from magazine covers at the checkout line – they’re placed there to sell the publications, ads, and products.
Most of the covers use numbers to lure readers (apparently there is some marketing science in that), and content is intended to make you feel inadequate, implying that you need a certain diet, specific exercises (just ignore articles that say “this is the only exercise program you need”, or “never do this exercise”), or styles of clothes, a haircut, or certain makeup. Worst – that you need to lose weight to be beautiful, successful, fulfilled, and happy.
That goes for guys’ mags too!
Diets magazine cover
The hype. And why all the numbers?


You are stronger than you know!
Many of my clients have a healthy sense of their worth, and an idea of what they want to do or how they want to be, regardless of the magazine covers, but they’re not always confident they can get there, or at least not consistently.

If thoughts creep in telling you that you’re not working hard enough, or you’re doing something wrong, please don’t listen.

If you’re blaming yourself for lack of discipline, or that you aren’t working hard enough, just don’t.

It’s a journey.

We’re all on a journey of growth and change, and sometimes we go slow, sometimes we take a detour, sometimes we go in reverse. Building healthy habits is incremental, and different strategies are more effective at different times for different people.

Take a breath. Start where you are. Getting strong and stronger is a process.

Start where you are, look at resources you have, and find support.

Be your own biggest fan. Be kind to yourself (we have a limited number of years on the planet so don’t waste them hating your thighs)– self-compassion today will pay off now and in the long term.

Look for joy in small things, and believe you are stronger than you know.

You deserve it.




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