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Predators in your inbox

Are you as tired as I am with the crap inundating our inboxes and social media? It all keeps the ...
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Polli hot on the porch

Stress is everywhere, but it isn’t all bad.

Does it seem like you’re experiencing more stress lately? Anyone could be feeling the effects of recent events, or maybe ...
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Two Fast And Cool Summer Recipes

These hot days are perfect for fast and cool summer recipes. Let me know if you try these! WATERMELON BLACKBERRY ...
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Polli eye patches

About Face – Skin Product Hype

I admit it. I’m a product junkie. I keep buying the hype in articles and social media posts promising that ...
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I want to live long of course, but I want to live well while I’m at it. As I tend ...
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Polli playing around sculpture with Layla and Lucy


Seventy-one-derful! That’s how a friend wished me a happy birthday and I LOVE it!  My birthday celebration kept going through ...
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Why Get Up Keep Moving?

I came up with the name of my business and social media, Get Up Keep Moving on a whim many ...
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I’m remembering my dad today on this Memorial Day. It’s a holiday dedicated to honoring fallen soldiers, but he survived ...
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Modesty is dumb

I grew up being taught that modesty was a virtue – girls’ skills, brains, strengths, should be discouraged. I know ...
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