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My fuel

Maybe I’m a weirdo, but I’ve always felt revved up when people have said, “just wait until you’re my age.” ...
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Ronnie and Polli with kids in wagon

A week away!

Hellooo! We just got home from a week in France visiting my son and his family, and helping them pack ...
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cottage cheese muffin with bite

You got this. Train smart, eat smart.

Most of you now know my description of the two opposing voices we hear during workouts – one whispering, “you’re ...
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Earth day

On Earth Day (and any day), go outdoors to reduce stress.

Happy Earth Day! This is the perfect day to talk about spending some time outdoors to help relieve stress. It’s ...
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Happierness – 5 pillars of a good life.

Hi Friends, My eldest son sent me an article in The Atlantic (gift article): Jung’s Five Pillars of a Good ...
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Unconscionable: Big Food Capitalizes On Fat Shaming

Have you heard? Dietitian influencers promote junk foods and discourage weight loss efforts. As obesity rises, Big Food and dietitians ...
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Deep squat

Instagram advice – machines vs free weights?

I had a good convo with a client this morning about some Instagram advice. A trainer/influencer said to get strong ...
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trainer photo

10 Things you might not know about me.

Are you sometimes surprised at what others might think if they only see the outer layers of you? In the ...
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Polli back squat

Weight training for better skin plus brain boost!

Happy almost spring! With the longer, warmer days I’ll bet you’re motivated to walk, jog, run, hike, and play outdoors. ...
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