how bad do you want it

How bad do you want it?

Hello friends~ We’ve all done it. We might know we need to make time (not to find time – the …

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Easy Shrimp Tacos

The Recipe Issue: Shrimp Tacos and Super Easy Salmon Fritters

Hello friends~ The recipe issue is a week early – I thought that you might like something quick and easy …

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polli carrying bike ride for food justice jersey

Join us for The Jersey Shore Ride For Food Justice

Hello friends! We’re back on the road! I’ve been rowing and strength training and not so much riding, so it’s …

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IMG 6600

Branding your summer? Summertime songs for inspiration!

Hellooo friends~ Today is the first day of summer. Summer Solstice, June 21st, the longest day. So many daylight hours, …

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jicama and bean salad

The Recipe Issue: Beans, beans in summer salads, and even in brownies!

Hello friends~ Dried or canned, beans are great in SO many ways, even in brownies! OMG black bean brownies! Why …

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Happy birthday to me jump

My birthday present to you!

Hello friends~ Today’s my 70th birthday. I have a special gift for you, and you can scroll down, but I …

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Polli with linden and Siralina on the boardwalk scaled

Strong enough.

Hello friends~ We spent several days this weekend taking care of tiny grandkids. Whew! Within an hour of their arrival, …

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Polli kettlebell plank pull through

The head bone’s really connected to the foot bone!

Hi Friends~ You know that strength training is essential for your physical and mental health, especially through the perimenopause and …

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Forced sunrise smile

Advice from The Terminator: SMILE even when you don’t feel like it.

Hello friends~ I would never have thought that I’d get inspiration from The Terminator, but I look forward to The …

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