Love your body. You live in it.

Hello friends on New Years Day 2024~ This 4 minute video from The Today Show in 2014 just popped up ...
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IMG 2221

Holiday survival tips.

Hi friends~ It’s that wonderful time of year when we’ve been all squishy and happy with family, traditions, music, and ...
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Polli rower sick

Got a bug and feeling bitchy?

Hello friends~ Hope you’re feeling well. I rarely get sick, but a bug got me this time. Many days coughing, ...
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You’re an athlete.

Hello friends~ The only way I could maintain sanity raising 6 kids in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s was ...
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Polli walkover attempt

I get you, I promise

Hello friends~ Another one of those guilt inducing end of year, new year’s resolutions articles about getting serious about nutrition ...
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jewish apple cake

Eat the cake

Hello friends! Ready or not, the holiday season has begun. It always seems to sneak up more suddenly every year! ...
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carrot coconut

The Pre-Thanksgiving Recipe Issue. Soup. And Breathe.

Hello Friends~ Thanksgiving is looming, and the out-of-control race through the holidays and the new year can be super stressful ...
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Polli with LCI cert

The oldest in the room, imposter syndrome, and accepting compliments with grace

Hello friends! What a weekend. For months it was looming, and I was kind of dreading it. I knew what ...
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Polli Halloween with bike

Getting into the spirit

Helloooo~ Boooo! I’m not a big fan of Halloween. Except for fall foliage, mums, kale, and pansies. Scary, oozy, kinda ...
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Yummy healthy recipes every month
raspberry smoothie bowl

Is Sugar Ok?

Hello Friends~ Are you enjoying summer and the proliferation of farmers’ markets and fresh produce everywhere? Maybe even in your own garden! I had a

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